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Video tutorial on the essentials of R for ecology cheatsheet

Here I present a video tutorial and walkthrough (and code) that I created to go over my cheatsheet on the 80% most important functions in R (for ecology)

Intro to evolutionary algorithms with R for beginners (from scratch) [PART 1]

Here I describe how evolutionary algorithms work by going through an example of fitting a basic linear model.

How to actually make a quality scatterplot in R

Scatterplots are one of the most common types of data visualizations you will encounter as a biologist. Here I go over how to make quality scatterplots that are ready for publication.

How to do a simple linear regression in R

I show you how to do a simple linear regression in R that models the relationship between two numeric variables

How to organize your analyses with R Studio Projects

In this post I go over a basic method method for organizing your ecological data analysis projects in R.