How to make a scatterplot in R

This blog post I teach you the basics of creating and customizing scatterplots in R

Free workshop on how to learn R

Learn about the four challenges when learning R and the key strategies for how to overcome those challenges so that nothing can stop you from mastering R

The basics of prototyping and exporting your plots in R

In this tutorial, I go over the basics of how to prototype, save, and export your plots from R.

A *simple* introduction to ggplot2 (for plotting your data!)

In this blog post, we deconstruct the anatomy of how to use 'ggplot2'— a package that makes it intuitive to create consistently nice-looking figures in R.

How to make a boxplot in R

In this tutorial I show you everything you need to know about boxplots and how to make them look nice using the built-in functions in R

Making your first plot in R

In this tutorial, I teach you how to create a basic scatterplot using base R.

How to install (and update!) R and RStudio

The first step to learning R is to have it downloaded on your computer! In this blog post, I introduce R and RStudio and show you how to download and install them.

Video tutorial on the essentials of R for ecology cheatsheet

Here I present a video tutorial and walkthrough (and code) that I created to go over my cheatsheet on the 80% most important functions in R (for ecology)