Search through your ecological data with the 'grep()' function

Here I describe the functions called `grep()`, `grepl()`, and `sub()`, which allow you to find strings in your data that match particular patterns.

Learning about data structures in R

In this tutorial, we're introduce the structures that R provides to help you organize your data.

Complete tutorial on using 'apply' functions in R

Here I show you a useful family of functions that allows you to repetitively perform a specified function (e.g., sum, mean) across a vector, matrix, or data frame.

How to use pipes to clean up your R code

In this tutorial, I'm going to give an explanation of what pipes are and when they can be used, and then I'm going to demonstrate how useful they can be for writing neat and clear R code.

How to use the group_by function with your ecological data

In this tutorial, I discuss how to use a handy function called group_by() for organizing and preparing your data for analysis and visualization.