Free workshop on how to learn R

Learn about the four challenges when learning R and the key strategies for how to overcome those challenges so that nothing can stop you from mastering R

The basics of prototyping and exporting your plots in R

In this tutorial, I go over the basics of how to prototype, save, and export your plots from R.

How to reshape your data in R for analysis

In this blog post, I show you how to reshape data (i.e. how to use pivot tables) so that the data are in the correct form for data analysis in R.

How to create your own functions in R

In this tutorial, I'm going to explain how to create your own functions and provide a few examples.

A *simple* introduction to ggplot2 (for plotting your data!)

In this blog post, we deconstruct the anatomy of how to use 'ggplot2'— a package that makes it intuitive to create consistently nice-looking figures in R.

How to make a boxplot in R

In this tutorial I show you everything you need to know about boxplots and how to make them look nice using the built-in functions in R

Search through your ecological data with the 'grep()' function

Here I describe the functions called `grep()`, `grepl()`, and `sub()`, which allow you to find strings in your data that match particular patterns.

Learning about data structures in R

In this tutorial, we're introduce the structures that R provides to help you organize your data.

R Data types 101, or What kind of data do I have?

In this tutorial, I introduce you to several different types of data, explain how to use and manipulate each of them, and show you how to check what type of data you have.

Complete tutorial on using 'apply' functions in R

Here I show you a useful family of functions that allows you to repetitively perform a specified function (e.g., sum, mean) across a vector, matrix, or data frame.