About Luka Negoita

portrait of Luka Negoita

I received my PhD in Biology from Syracuse University in 2018 where I specialized in analyzing ecological data using R.

Just like most students, I really struggled to learn R, until I found a way to make the learning curve so much more approachable (and dare I say fun), by applying language learning “hacks,” 80/20 principles, and a few key mindset shifts.

I love teaching, and have mentored countless students and scientists in everything from experimental design to using R for creating figures for their publication.

While working as a biostatistician at a remote ecological research station (in 2020), I realized a lot of the students and professionals I was mentoring had the same initial challenges learning R.

I noticed the traditional methods and curricula for teaching R were at best outdated, and at worst, a complete mismatch with what student and early career ecologists needed.

So I created R for Ecology, an online school dedicated to making R as accessible as possible to ecologists and other related fields by using an outside-the-box approach for teaching R in a super effective way. And as a way of promoting data and science literacy (even to those with limited resources).

Since the start, I’ve helped over a thousand graduate students, postdocs, and professionals feel confident analyzing and visualizing their own data with R.

It would be an honor to help you learn R the easy way, too.

You can gain the confidence to independently handle your own data in R, with The Basics of R for Ecologists (available in both English and Spanish)

Or create your own publication-ready figures in my The Intro to Data Visualization with R

Student rates and payment plans are available for each (with scholarships available for the Basics of R).

However, if you’re not ready to dive into a course, check out my workshop below: